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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Outdoor TV? Why can't I use an indoor TV as they are much less expensive?

Outdoor rated TVs are engineered to be used in potentially wet environments, both in warm and cold weather. There are precautions taken when designing and manufacturing outdoor TVs to keep the user safe from electrical shock. Aside from not warrantying indoor TVs for outdoor usage, safety is of major concern.

Can I place my Neptune™ Outdoor TV over a fireplace?

You should always keep any outdoor TV away from open fires and flames. If placing over a fireplace, a mantle is required to shield the outdoor TV from the heat source as that can greatly reduce the lifespan of the unit.

Are the Neptune™ Outdoor TVs waterproof?

The TVs are IP54 rated, which states that the TV is rainproof. Always remember to never install an electrical device within 5 feet of a water source.

Will moisture damage my Neptune™ Outdoor TV?

The TVs are engineered to be used in wet environments. The TVs will survive rain and splashing water. The TVs are not meant to be power washed as it will not be able to sustain the physical force to the LCD screen.

Can the Neptune™ Outdoor TV be installed in a salt air environment?

The TVs are able to be installed in a salt air environment due to their finish. Periodic screen cleaning would be recommended to prevent mineral deposits from building up on the surface of the screen.

What is the warranty on Neptune™ Outdoor TVs?

The TVs come with a limited 1-year parts and labor warranty.

How do I register my Neptune™ Outdoor TV product warranty?

Click here to fill out our online registration form – it’s quick and simple!

What is included with the purchase of a Neptune™ Outdoor TV?

Full Sun & Partial Sun Series: Outdoor rated tilt wall mount, outdoor rated smart TV remote control, Magic Remote™, IR repeater for control of 3rd party devices, and literature for proper use, warranty, and service information.

Shade Series: Outdoor rated tilt wall mount, outdoor rated learning remote control, IR repeater for control of 3rd party devices, and literature for proper use, warranty, and service information.

Is the included Outdoor Tilting TV Wall Mount corrosion resistant?

Yes, the mount included with the Neptune™ Outdoor TV uses a special painting process that uses a zinc-based primer and durable powder coating process to help prevent rust. The hardware that is included is stainless steel or Geomet® coated (used in the auto industry) to prevent corrosion. You should always use an outdoor rated wall mount when installing TVs outdoors.

Are there options if I want a different mount for the Neptune™ Outdoor TV?

Yes, there are alternative Neptune™ mounts that are engineered for outdoor use which can be purchased separately. Click here to see TV mount options.

What are the VESA patterns for the Neptune™ Outdoor TVs?

55" and 65" Models: 300mm x 200mm

75" Models: 400mm x 200mm

How many HDMI ports are supported on the Neptune™ Outdoor TVs?

Full Sun & Partial Sun Series: There are three HDMI 2.1 ports on the TV.

Shade Series: There are three HDMI 2.0 ports on the TV.

Should I purchase a dust cover for the Neptune™ Outdoor TV?

Yes, there are NeptuneUniversal Dust Covers available for sale. Click here to learn more.

How do I connect audio from the TV to an integrated sound system (Ex: Sound Bar, Surround or Stereo System)?

There are two Audio Outputs; 1 analog 3.5mm stereo jack and 1 digital TOSLink jack.

I have an external audio system that won't produce sound, but the TV is playing. What should I do?

Digital: Verify that the audio outputting from the TV is able to decode the digital audio signal. The TV will output the RAW digital signal leaving the 3rd party audio device to decode it. Or you can force a PCM signal which will deliver stereo digital audio.

Analog: Verify that the audio level on the TV is turned up to 85%. Note that the analog output is variable.

Audio Output Settings: Verify that the audio output settings in the Sound Out Menu on the TV are set to output via the connection method being used.

What are my options for controlling Neptune™ Outdoor TVs?

Full Sun & Partial Sun Series: The TV can be controlled via the supplied outdoor rated smart TV remote or the Magic Remote™. Note: The Magic Remote is not outdoor rated and should not be left outside when the TV is not in use to avoid damage. For voice activation for the Magic Remote, the TV is required to be connected to a network.

Shade Series: The TV can be controlled via IR with the supplied learning remote control. It can also be integrated into a control system that supports IR or RS232.

How do I get the HDR content to display on my Neptune™ Outdoor TV?

Full Sun & Partial Sun Series: Enter the Settings Menu and Navigate to All Settings. Select General from the menu. Navigate to the Devices menu. Select HDMI Settings. Open the HDMI Deep Color settings and select 4K. HDMI sources that are not connected will be greyed out.

Shade Series: Found on the main picture settings page, navigate down arrow to HDR and select Low / Middle / High.

What is the IR Repeater port used for?

The IR Repeater functions in delivering IR commands via the included Repeater cable to source devices that are not within line of site of the remote control. The flasher is to be placed no further than 6" to the device that it is meant to control.

Can custom labels be added to the input names on the Neptune™ Outdoor TV?

Full Sun & Partial Sun Series: Yes, allows for up to 30 characters.

Shade Series: Yes, allows up to 10 characters.

What are the LED indicators at the bottom of the TV for?

The LED indicators show red when the TV is off and green when the TV is on.

Where is the Neptune™ Outdoor TV manufactured?

The TV is manufactured in South Korea.

Full Sun & Partial Sun Series: How do I use the Magic Remote™ voice control feature?

For voice control to be active, the TV must be connected to the internet. Once an internet connection is established, press the microphone button on the Magic Remote™ and speak clearly into the remote.

Shade Series: What is the RS232 port used for on the Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TV?

The RS232 port is used by professional installers when integrating into 3rd party control systems. The active pins are 2 (RX), 3 (TX) and 5 (GD). (The COM port settings are 38400, 8, none, 1)

Shade Series: What does "Learning" remote control mean? How do I use it?

The supplied remote control comes preprogrammed with the both the Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TV codes; the additional AUX buttons are there to learn up to 2 more devices in the event that there are 3rd party devices that are IR controllable (Ex: ROKU, APPLETV, etc.).

Shade Series: Will the Learning remote control support RF control of 3rd party devices?

No, the supplied remote does not support RF control.